Currently, there are 28 Designations of Origin recognized by the Colombian Trademark Office (SIC). In August of this year, the SIC granted protection to the PROVIDENCIA BLACK CRAB designation of origin, the first of its type in Colombia as it is related to an animal. With Resolution 38132, the industrial property office recognizes the special characteristics of the meat and claws of black crabs that are captured, processed, and transformed in the island of Providencia, located in the Colombian Caribbean.

Around the world, there are other designations of origin also related to animal products, such as Iberian Ham from Jabugo in Spain, which is produced from pigs bred in determined zones in Extremadura and Andalucía and it is elaborated in 31 municipalities that make up the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche Natural Park. In the United Kingdom, Fal Oysters captured in specific areas of the Truro port, exclusively between the 1st of October and March 31st are also protected.

It is clear that the designations of origin for animal products have a potential that has been recognized and taken advantage of in the rest of the world, but that is only gaining strength in Colombia, resulting in a very valuable opportunity that has significant economic impacts. In fact, in Providencia, the designation of origin of the black crab strengthens the tasks that ASOCRAB (Providence Sweet Black Crab Association) executes for the development of communities in the region, based on related figures that revolve around the production and marketing of the mentioned crustacean.

Therefore, it is essential that work is performed to increase the number of products protected by the designations of origin in Colombia, and to create strategies that support their commercial exploitation and take the maximum advantage of the rights acquired by the communities.


Natalia Tovar

Attorney – MY BRAND