If a conflict arises, MY BRAND can offer you support to arrive at agreements through direct negotiations or pre-judicial conciliations, as well as defending your rights and interests within an ongoing legal process before the Nation´s courts. 

We are professionals with expertise in:

  • Protection of rights due to the infringement of intellectual property assets and copyrights.
  • Recovery of domain names in case these were copied, unduly registered, misappropriation, plagiarism, or the unauthorized use of your trademarks.
  • Initiation of nullity actions before the State Council, against administrative acts related to industrial property rights (trademarks, patents and designs). 
  • Defense of Consumers and Companies rights in application of the Consumer Protection Regime related to cases of false advertisement, absence of guarantee recognition, right of redemption, poor provision of a contracted service (for example in case of Airlines or Internet providers). 
  • Advice in disloyal competition cases due to misleading comparative advertisement, discredit acts, secret violations, customer diversion, confusion, deception, imitation, exploitation of another’s reputation, violation of norms, and disloyal exclusivity agreements, among others.
  • Litigation in situations in which your rights to free competition may be affected due to the execution of agreements or the realization of restrictive competition practices by third parties, price setting, and geographical distribution of the market.

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Practical examples where MY BRAND can help you find practical solutions to different cases and explains its method: