Velcro’s singing lawyers skewer YouTube comment trolls

As a company, there are a few ways you could react to rude comments about your YouTube videos. You could get defensive, you could ignore them or you could write a catchy song about the slams. Velcro, famous for its hook-and-loop fastening system, chose that last option.

Velcro unleashed an unusual marketing move last year when it posted a video of “lawyers” singing a toe-tapping power ballad asking people not to misuse its trademarked Velcro brand name in reference to generic hook-and-loop fasteners. A lot of people found it amusing, but it also attracted a healthy crowd of comment trolls on YouTube and social sites Reddit and Twitter.

Velcro’s new video, titled “Thank You For Your Feedback – Don’t Say Velcro,” continues to show off the company’s sense of humor and shrewd internet advertising chops. It turns some of the most vicious, expletive-laden comments into lyrics for an uptempo rock song.


The video embraces comments like “These f***cking clowns” and “Velcro, velcro, velcro. Hook and loop your heads out of your asses.” And who could forget the classic “This is why people HATE lawyers. Die Yuppie scum, DIE !!!”

The video isn’t just about trolling comments. It also delves into alternate names for Velcro suggested by internet users. “Friction Fuzz,” “Grab-It Fabric” and “SKRRRSSHHHHH” are some top options.

Velcro released the new video this week and the first two YouTube comments are “Awesome” and “Yours is the only hook and loop for me.” This might hint at a positive turn in the comments section. Then again, it all could go to go to hell any moment now.


As seen on CNET

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